About the Founder

Ryley Copans is the Founder, Director, and Social Media Manager of Stand Up, Speak Out. Ryley identifies as queer and non-binary and uses they/them/theirs pronouns. Their identity and personal experiences, in addition to their professional experiences, are important their work. Ryley has a unique professional background including activism, advocacy, social policy, education, program development, and legal work,

Ryley founded Stand Up, Speak Out at the age of 16 and has continued to build the website and organization throughout¬†undergrad, and now law school. Addressing broad topics from an intersectional perspective is an important aspect of Ryley’s work, especially their work with Stand Up, Speak Out. ¬†Bringing a social justice lens to these various topics allows Stand Up, Speak Out to support communities and educate people who hold privileged identities to become better allies.