About Us

Stand Up, Speak Out is a web based non-profit dedicated to serving  as an activism, advocacy, education, and resource platform. When SUSO was founded in 2010,  they first addressed bullying, with unique attention to LGBTQ bullying, educating about the impact of bullying, and providing a place for people to share their stories, thoughts, and feelings through creative outlets. SUSO has grown to  address mental health awareness, suicide and self-harm awareness and prevention, and queer and transgender activism and support.

The Creative Corner hosts projects submitted to the website, giving people a voice, and showing that someone cares and is listening; further, seeing other people see their projects, and realize they are not alone, empowers those who submit to the Creative Corner.

The Queer Corner, officially established and published on the anniversary of the passing of Matthew Shepard, provides a space to discuss gender identity, sexual orientation, and romantic orientation. The Queer Corner is organized with two subsections, Gender Identity, and Sexual and Romantic Orientation, both of which host three subsections- a Q & A section, a resource section, and a section with tips for allies. The all-encompassing nature of Stand Up, Speak Out is about having the necessary conversations and promoting supportive environments through education, open discussion, and creativity.


More About the Anti-Bullying Work

The organization’s initial founding was aimed at education children and adults alike about the issue of bullying and it’s often everlasting, and sometimes fatal effects.

However, we also hope to help those who are already falling. They need to understand that they are NOT alone, and things can and WILL get better. Negative coping mechanisms such as suicide and self-harm are NOT answers.

Therefore, we make it a goal to encourage creative outlets through our “Call for Creativity”. This gives kids an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings safely. Any forms of art are welcome and encouraged! Music, singing, drawing, writing, graphic design, acting and so on; basically whatever you like! Finally, we also offer kids an ability to submit their work to us and we share it on our website on a page called The Creative Corner.

If you would like more information or if you ever need to talk to please don’t hesitate to email me, the founder, personally via this contact form. I will try to be checking the account daily.