Ashley Jordan

Ashley Jordan19-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist Ashley Jordan has been wowing audiences since she first hit the local music scene in 2008. In early Oct., 2011, Ashley released her 2nd full length CD “Liquid Words” of 12 original songs and 2 covers with a pop/country attitude. Described as “a natural talent . . . with heartfelt stories to share”, Ashley never fails to deliver a fearless and honest performance with her driving guitar rhythm and powerful vocals.

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Ashley wrote this song about 15 year old Phoebe Prince from South Hadley,MA. Phoebe committed suicide due to awful bullying in January of 2010.

“Don’t Mess With a Song Writer”

In regards to this song Ashley says,
“I had always struggled finding my place in highschool and then I realized that it was time to take a stand and stop letting the same mean girls take me down. I realized I had the power to tell them that they were wrong, through music. To me, music is the greatest gift and songwriting ended up being the answer to my struggles. “Where words fail, Music speaks”. “