Chiara Lo Guidice

Her message: “I am a 16-yr-old model from Germany & have been bullied all my life cuz I’m not like other German girls..It became especially bad at my 1st high school where I was bullied by my tutor & really ALL of the students; All that ended up at the police & everything was my fault – just like always – so I changed school in Feb. 2011;My new school was awesome though most of the students were also different than me….. I graduated last Friday & am totally happy ’bout that! Nevertheless,I NEVER leave the house (I only leave when I need to go to the doctor etc.) cuz everytime I left the house I heard sb. screaming OMG LOOK HOW UGLY THAT GIRL IS!!!!!! so I don’t want other German teenagers to see me anymore;Even my best friend told me I’m ugly when I asked him. By now I suffer from a severe depression which makes me believe that every single person stares at me & talks and laughs ’bout me – what makes leaving the house even more difficult,of course.. I’m planning to move to Los Angeles as soon as I’m 18 cuz that’s the place where I feel home & the USA is the place where I get accepted WITH my style.

Whatever,these are the lyrics of one of my ca. 90 songs & I wanna share them with U cuz I wrote this song after leaving my 1st high
school <3”


Mirror,mirror on the wall – who’s the fairest one of all?
Mirror,mirror on the wall – who’s the fairest one of all?

(Part 1:)
Woken up again without her wings,without her smile
and her halo has been hanging on the wall for a long while;
Had nightmares last night,
but it was a wonder that she fell asleep – yeah…
On the bus stop it starts again – everybody gapes;
when she gets in and looks into their eyes,she can see the hate;
She arrives,looks down
and from everywhere she hears the usual words…..

Cinderella,you’re so kind!
They are ugly and they’re blind!
They keep cutting on your scar
cuz you’re better than they are!
Cinderella,you are hot!
They are envious cuz they’re not!
Nobody’s like you and me –
what they just don’t wanna see!
Cinderella,you’re so sweet!

Cinderella,you’re so sweet!
Cinderella,you’re so sweet!
[You’ve written the worst test again!]

(Part 2:)
Could it be any harder than hearing everyone
talkin’ about you while you must play act like your life was fun?
She ignores them – but
have they not been her friends who’re backbiting her right now?!
Then there comes the oh,so insightful lady –
Gosh,how much she loves her cuz she tells her she’s ugly!
She yanks her top – but then
she sees that woman with one of her e-mails in her hand..

She says to her reflection:”No matter if
you are racist,no matter if you’re a celeb-bitch –
you’re a beautiful girl,beautiful girl!”


Cinderella,you’re so sweet!

[Do you have to leave this school now???She’ll get into prison now!!!She’ll get into prison!!!!Hey,Celeb-bitch!!Ugly!!!Have you heard about it yet??Look at that girl – she has…. I can’t believe this – I always made you be happy in your class!!Wait!Hey,what’s wrong?Who is your tutor?I need that to grade you!Aren’t you OK?She shall have a look at herself!!!Aww look she’s crying!!Hey!Hey,the ugly one is crying!]


(Chorus till “don’t wanna see”)


Cinderella,you’re so sweet!
Cinderella,you’re so sweet,yeah!
Cinderella,you’re so sweet!
Cinderella,you’re so sweet…
Cinderella,you’re so sweet…..