Chris Ritter

“The poem I made, “Have a Heart”, is about bullying and why do kids feel the need to be mean instead of being kind. It is one of those things that perplexes me, because I don’t understand their motive. When I was in 6th grade, a kid that was in some of my classes bullied me to his heart’s content. Why did he go after me and no one else? I’m not sure, but I was his dummy. Every day he insulted me and abused me, and the sad part is, I did nothing to stop him. That is why I wrote the poem. If he would have been nice to me, then I would have a better self-esteem and attitude toward everything. Why did he have to turn out like that? Though, there’s always hope. If we could teach all kids and teens to be kind and polite, the world would be a better place.”

“Have a Heart”

Why do bullies have to be ignorant and crude?
As well as vulgar, abusive, and rude?
When it is so much easier to be friendly

With the world that surrounds you and me

Stop kicking your victim under the table
And shoving them against lockers because you’re able
Keep your arms and feet to your sides
Then the victims wouldn’t have to hide
The idea you bruise these people is sickening
The scars you leave them with are frightening
Now those scars will never heal
You must not know how they feel

Now you bullies, I challenge you
To do everything that you can do
And show that you have a heart
That doesn’t wound them like a dart