Dalton Letorney

Dalton, now 13 years old, was 12 when he composed the music and co-wrote the lyrics with his younger brother Dylan, age 11. Dalton will be featured along with his anti-bullying song, “Someday”, in the anti-bullying documentary, “Bullied To Silence”. Check out his website at www.DaltonRocks.com

“I thought that by sharing my experiences through a song, then it would help other kids realize that it was not their fault that they were being bullied. The words in the song reflect how I felt about myself in the beginning and how I overcame those negative feelings though music and with the help of my family. I want kids to recognize that we are all important and to believe in themselves, even when things look hopeless. I hope that this song can help those victims who have gone through bullying, and that it can all end someday.”