Ivy Golob: Ivy’s Journey

Ivy is 9 years-old and she is from Michigan. She’s a Girl Scout, a future cheerleader, a sister, a popular friend, oh, and she happens to be Deaf and transgender.  She has paved the way for future trans Deaf kids in her Deaf residential  school.

One day, she happened to all over social media, that Don Cheadle wore a shirt that read “Protect Trans Kids.” She wanted to make one of her own shirt with fabric painting.

She’s very determined and on a mission to passing on an important message to her Deaf community by using her native ASL (America Sign Language).

If you are unfamiliar with ASL, captions are available by clicking “CC” on this video.

Stand Up, Speak Out is proud to share that Ivy’s video has reached over 5k views, across countless countries, in less than 24 hours! We are so proud of Ivy for her important intersectional activism, bringing ability into the conversation for the transgender community, and brining gender identity into the conversation for her Deaf Community. Ivy and her mom have already had Deaf parents reaching out to them to share their stories in using their Native ASL to find language to support their transgender children.

Ivy is Deaf and Trans, and she would like her communities to know why they need include each other. She and her family are working for more queer and trans friendly Deaf spaces, and more accessible queer and trans spaces. Please take a moment to learn what accessibility is so important for kids and people like Ivy and her family.

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