Chris Heidrich

"Love Undefined" and "You're Safe Tonight" were my first two big songs I wrote. They are songs about faith, and sticking to it to stay positive, and protected. To feel warm and wanted, and thinking... Read more ›

Rachel Neeves

The 14 year old says she chose to sing the song "Mean" by Taylor Swift "because it helps stand up against bullying". She says that she "encourage[s] non bullying completely, and this song helps show... Read more ›

Faith Ziegler

15 year old Faith sings her original song "Walking All Over Me" about her experiences with bullying and her refusal to take it any longer. Read more ›

Amanda McCarthy

My song "Sticks and Stones" is about my experiences being bullied, and I want others to know that they are not alone. Read more ›

Hayley Reardon

Here is one girl who has helped raise awareness through her music. Hayley has 2 songs that have become known as anti-bullying anthems. ... Read more ›

Stephanie (Stef) Figueiredo

This 14 year old from Ontario, Canada was sick of the bullying. She wanted to make a statement that she is NOT these labels; she is a PERSON. She is Stef. ... Read more ›

Hana Fikry

Jon Yarosko

Rachel Copans

Stand Up, Speak Out Founder Rachel Copans wrote this as an assignment for an English class in high school, reflecting on an article about the Phoebe Prince case, a girl from South Hadley, MA who... Read more ›