Rachel Copans

Stand Up, Speak Out Founder Rachel Copans wrote this as an assignment for an English class in high school, reflecting on an article about the Phoebe Prince case, a girl from South Hadley, MA who committed suicide after being relentlessly tormented by classmates in school, out of school, and online.

It was after this story, and many others, combined with the personal experiences of her friends and herself, that Rachel decided something needed to be done. That was when she first created the Facebook page that Stand Up, Speak Out began with. The name was actually inspired by a line in the poem, which she refers to as “the poem that started it all.” It inspired the creation of the Facebook page and the later development of the Creative Corner.


Why must people be so cruel?
Making every day feel like another duel
They’re so conceded
Trying to make others feel defeated
Acting so rude
Being just plain crude
Intentionally inflicting pain
All for their own stupid power game

Bullying is such an issue
Both in and out of school
Naming calling
Even stalking
And now it’s online too
You just can’t break away; there’s nothing you can do

Most attacks are mental, emotional and verbal, true
But they are also physical too
This all need to stop, it can’t go on any longer

These victims are hurting
Feeling lost and alone
Feeling like no one is there
And like nobody cares

They will not speak up, for fear of making it worse
It just feels like some horrible curse
Some go on and just push through
But for others that is something the just can’t do
The unacceptance and depression eating away
Eating at them day after day

In the worst case scenario they feel they cannot go on
They’ve been convinced that something about them is wrong
And now they cannot take it anymore
To these poor broken souls they believe that death is the only escape
So they commit suicide as their last chance to get away This is a tragedy that could have been stopped
If someone had been there
If someone had cared
Though perhaps nobody even knew
Perhaps no one even had a clue
As to what was going on, that something was wrong

If you are a victim you need to tell
Stand up and speak out
Save yourself

Or if you know a victim, be there
Be there and stick by till the end
But report that abuse
Help something get done
Raise the awareness
And save a life