Ryan Cassata

Ryan Cassata is a twenty-year-old singer, songwriter, activist, and motivational speaker. His passions, aside from his music includeHe identifies as transgender and uses his experiences as a means of supporting others, and his activism work surrounds Trans* awareness, creating positive change, and anti-bullying workshops. Ryan’s career officially began at the age of fourteen when he began to gig across Long Island, NY, where he is from. Now, he has toured nationally and internationally, has released seven records, and starred in a world famous indie-documentary entitled Songs for Alexis.

Ryan’s lyrics are passionate and an inspiration to today’s generation. Through his work, he aims to spread positivity and hope, make people smile, and spread kindness. Ryan is devoted to the causes of peace and equality, and he achieves his activism for them through his music. Recently, Ryan has also begun to tour Trans* 101 and Gender Dysphoria workshops in partnership with his meaningful music.

To learn more about an incredible young man who is truly changing the world using his creativity, visit his website at www.ryancassata.com.

He can also be “liked” on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ryancassata

You can listen to more of Ryan’s music on his Youtube http://youtu.be/WM9v55aTu3M

Ryan’s music is also available for download on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-rhythm/id526100010

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