Savanna Raven

Savanna Raven is 6 years old and very dedicated to helping people. She loves the spotlight. Being on stage is her favorite place, the more people in the audience the more excited she is to perform. Savanna Raven is passionate about animal and human equality. At the age of six, she has already faced adversity because she openly expresses her desire to marry a girl when she grows up. She wants to put an end to bullying so that no one has to feel that sadness from other people’s words and actions. She also wants to save the environment and endangered animals. She is a vegetarian by choice.

Savanna says she made this video because ‚ÄúPeople need to know this is not okay, and I want people to know how to stop bullying. We need to stop bullying so people don’t feel bad anymore and we don’t want any more kids to die.”

When asked what is most important to her in the whole world, she said. ” I want bullying to end, people to not kill animals anymore, loving your family is very important, and being who you are.”

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