Anti-Bullying Spoken Word by Shantrice Coleman


My name is Shantrice Coleman; I also go by the nickname Shantrizzl!! I’m a 15 yr. old Christian. I was bullied when I was younger. I was a bystander 2 years ago. But today I’m taking a stand. I know people who are bullied and it breaks my heart that they feel voiceless at they have to stay silent. I also write Christian poetry! I want to pursue a career in sharing my spoken word in the future! And lastly, because I am a Christian I don’t want any of the glory…that all belongs to God! Galatians¬†2:20.

God really put a passion to take a stand against bullying on my heart. I was bullied. I was a bystander. Now I’m taking a stand! I wrote this spoken word for three reasons. One…to let victims know they aren’t alone, that they have hope, and that they have a voice. The second reason is to encourage bystanders to stop standing by and take a stand. And lastly 3, to raise awareness about bullying and the reality of how serious it and it’s side effects are and the major toll it’s taken on teenagers in particular.

Poem Text:

4 out of every 10 kids will drop out of high school because of bullying I wish it wasn’t but sadly it’s true

But first what does bullying mean to you?

160,000 kids skip school everyday because they are afraid

Bullying isn’t making kids tougher

It’s casing them to suffer

Day after day they fear for their lives

They’re so scared they’re carrying weapons and knives

They are physically, verbally, and emotionally abused

Physically when they are being spit on, pushed, beat, and looking at you as you watch, asking to be rescued

Verbally when they are being teased, and called names

Emotionally when they are drained of all self worth, told that their parents didn’t want them from birth, and all the other false claims

Now I wanna talk about cyber bullying

This seems to be the most alarming

Using social network to post untrue things about people, sending mean hurtful texts

Speaking of texting, it’s become a way of kids exploiting their bodies and arranging plans for premarital sex

They do it because they want to fit in, trusting the receiver until it all begins

They’re pictures end up all over the internet, everywhere they go, people know, it’s gotten so bad now they can’t even trust the voice within

Now that you’ve hopefully got the gist

It’s time to move on to the side effect list

Self harm, depression, loneliness, suicide, the list goes on and on

Kids are self harming by cutting their wrists, and starving themselves

Depression where they think their only hope, their only escape is music and it’s the only way to excel

Bullying is the number one contributor to suicide

Where razors meet wrists, ropes meet necks, bullets meet skulls, where people meet death all because they are mocked and utilized

These kids are looking for an answer, a purpose, hope, they are looking for love

It’s about time we give them a life long answer and introduce them to Jesus

Where the unending stream of love flows down from the merciful God above

Inform them that their peace lies at the cross

No more overlooking this problem, no more by standing

Speak up

Stand for the silent

And you could save a life

More of Shantrice’s work can be found on Youtube. To follow her art, subscribe to her channel at this link:¬†¬†

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