Stronger Than Ever- Andrine Pierresaint

Hey I’m Andrine. I’m only 13 and I have suicidal thoughts and anxiety and I take comfort in writing especially for other people. I’m in a group called books of hope(BOH) if you are a writer in Massachusetts we are recruiting group members. You must 12&up. We would love to have you. We usually meet up at the Mystic Learning Center @ 350 mystic ave Somerville MA . We have our meetings and workshops @ 6 and we have an open mic every 3rd Thursday of the month. I hope you guys take comfort in my poem and thank you


Be Stronger

What if I was a short girl with long luscious hair and the perfect body
The sweetest attitude and lots of money would you like me
With makeup small feet and painted nails would I be enough then
I am a tall girl with short hair and a wide stomach a mixed attitude and as broke as a China cup being thrown to the ground am I the worst of all
Blank face big feet and bare nails am I good enough
I can’t be one of the cool kids
Cause no eyebrows on fleek flawless face or edges on point
I can’t be unique, original, one of a kind
is it all in my mind that there’s a possibility
That I can be a girl with an identity
But they’re gonna have to accept it eventually
constantly getting looked at like some sort of freak
Everytime I speak its as though I’m speaking some other language
but ya’ll got me messed up on every level see my words create damage
I’m not someone you could easily take advantage of
I’m not your luggage
I’m way too special
you couldn’t fight against my currents
my message out there out loud as hell
Louder than than the people in the crowd who were screaming “you suck”
Stronger than the chains you attach to me and the loser level you attach me too
I’ll break it off cause I’m smarter than ever
More conscious than ever
Realize that the cuffs were made of plastic
Was an elastic I snap off
Nobody putting a hold on me
Not when I’ve already been through hell and
I’m on beast mode I’m the master
If you’re anything other than society’s goddess your exclusive and beautiful
you’re as strong as they
Be stronger

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