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  1. We are brother and sisters in this world….why can’t we Live in peace and harmony?!….LOVE each other for who we are!!

  2. Lately, I’ve been trying to come out more, past school and my parents. I just graduated high school, and my gilfriend will be a senior next year. Our entire relationship is difficult for us, because I’m Catholic and she’s Muslim, and we get a lot of stares when we’re together in public. People at school didn’t mind us, because she’s such a gay rights activist and I’m such a guy in not just my dress but in my manners and how I handle situations. But now as a soon-to-be college kid, I’ve been trying to be more open about who I am…and because of that, I’ve had my first 2 incidents of homophobic bullying by groups of complete strangers in the last 2 weeks. Besides at my parent’s houses, I have never faced straight-up harassment for who I am and how I look until now. I’ve been so depressed, and I normally don’t let comments like those bother me, but they have been. I met Rachel online through a group at my school, which lets kids post their hopes, fears, concerns, joys, and feelings anonymously on a formspring site. I remembered she had a Facebook page and a website to help deal with the bullying, and I’ve spent all morning reading this site and her FB page. She is an inspiration, as well as those singers and the video posters (which I would like to comment: Stef, you’re really pretty!and no, I’m not just saying that; you are SO beautiful!). Thank you for what you do, Rachel.

  3. As the warehouse manager for FCKH8 I try to make it my job to keep up on sites and organizations such as yours. Im very happy to see you taking a stand for such a great cause! Keep up the great work and keep fighting the good fight!!

  4. I was bullied because i was so short. I was lucky I had a principal who got me into a counseling group when i was young. It was the best thing that happened to me. I dont know what i would have done if i hadnt had that help. I applaud what this organization is doing!

  5. I believe at some point we’re all going to encounter bullies in our lives, I’ve faced them as a child and I now face them as an adult. I have always done my best to stick up for not only myself but for ANYONE I see being bullied or taken advantage of. If the bullied don’t have the voice, I make sure that I do to put a stop to it if I’m present. This is a wonderful outlet for many people. I have lost a close loved one to suicide and I would hate to ever see something like this lead to anyone wanting to take their lives due to it. People HAVE to remember they need to treat people the way they would want to be treated. PERIOD.

  6. I would like to know if there is anything that I can do to help this cause, I dont know how this works exactly but I am also in Massachusetts and woukd like to be involved & get more educated on this. My daughter had a lot of peoblems with bullies in first thru 3rd. Grade. It seems better now but I still want to help.please let me know. Sheila Little

  7. This is amazing.. We all have to stand up against bullying.. Wherever we go we have to make sure that speak out about it.. It needs to STOP!! -I STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING

  8. ATTENTION EVERYONE! I understand everyone may have had hurtful things said to them through out their lives…. Yes everyone does take things differently… but STOP letting peoples hurtful words be what ruins you… be PROUD of who you are as a person. DONT listen to people’s words, they should mean NOTHING to you or define WHO YOU ARE !!! Stay positive everyone ! And God Bless!!!

  9. i ;am so sick of the bulleys..we need to take back our schools and start sendindg the bulleys .to jail or start finding the parents.

  10. I was bullied 4 years ago for being a cheerleader at my school. I was the captain so I took the main part of the bullying. The girls who bullied me were the people we were actually cheering for. It started out as just saying things but then it escalated to stealing my clothes and electronics to being behind doorways in school and when I would walk by they would jump me and shove me into lockers. Then the people who I thought i could trust turned on me and gave the bullies my passwords to my accounts, the bullies went onto them and would change all my profiles to say things like “I am a whore and I know it”. Then it got to the point where one girl in particular went onto her Myspace account and talked online about how she would kill me by slitting my throat. I missed school for a week because I was so afraid that they would kill me. I was at the weakest I had ever been and just to add to that, my best friend in the world was in the hospital dyeing of Anorexia. I thought about committing suicide almost everyday but I didn’t. My parents got me through this terrible time in my life and I am so grateful that they did. I cry thinking about all the kids who feel the same way I felt and I want to stop this. It NEEDS to STOP! I now go around to middle schools in my area and do presentations on ending bullying and share my story so that kids who are being bullied know that they are not alone. Thanks for having this organization

  11. I’ve been bullied since i was 5 because i was different. Im still bulied and its 9 ajd 1/2 years later and no ones done anything. All the staff even bullies me. Ive been mainly bullied because im a bit over weight and i want to be a boy. I was physically assulted the other day by kids at my school. Everyone hates me at school but i guess thats okay. A few of my teachers told me to suck it up and the others started picking on me and so do my parents. Ive tried to take my life so many times and i cant do it each time i try. I really hate my life because of bullies and they need to be stopped….

  12. i like this website cause it helps everybody how to deal with bullying,i hope that one day bullying will stop it,cause we dont want to anyone commit suicide,like tyler clemmenti did,when he was being bullied

  13. I was born c one leg longer than the other from a rare strain of polio. I was tormented and bullied straight through undergraduate college. My college fiance was killed by a 4th offense drunk driver, now wanted in 3 states, then had 6 cancers. I’ve survived ALL the cancers, made Who’s Who of Medical Professionals, graduated first in my class c a perfect 4.0 GPA at a college, and have job security for the rest of my life in the nursing, medical, and home health care fields. If I can survive it, you can too, I’m willing to share my coping skills c you : o ) My e-mail address: I’m here for all those bullied.

  14. I once was bullied for a very long time.. The sad part I tuned into one.. I had no one to turn to when I was being bullied.. I thought it was the right thing to do back at the your age I was when I did bully, after being bullied ( when I look back now) I think how dare my family not hear me.. I’m a mother of 2 little girls & close to my 40’s, I would be damed if anyone would do that any CHILD! It happens way to often. If kids would just STOP THINKING IT “COOL” to be mean, this would end. It’s sad so meny kids are killing them selfs because of it… My oldest child was a victim of being bullied ( she is only in 2nd grade) & we are talking about a little girl that use to Be her friend & going to birthday partys ext. my child didnt do something she wanted, so that s why she TUNNED ON HER….so it doesn’t matter what age creed ect u are! When I see it I stop it. I have no problem talking about what happen to me & what I did. I WILL STAND AGAINST BULLIES! It’s starts at home! Listen to your children when they tell u something is going on.. DON’T DISMISS THERE THOUGHTS FEELINGS.. They are humane!

  15. How effective is this program? Did I miss something on this webpage that show the statistics on the effectiveness of this anti bullying program?

  16. hello i have been bully for me umm all of my classmates except friends had bully me……. wellsoem its because i try to fit in and some is becasue people judge cause im white and there black its unbievleable but alli want to say is for u people out there getting hurt by bullying stand up for yourself god will be there on yourside also be you dont let other people be mean its because that how they were treated in there past soo ya. oh and im telling u guys and my self right now cuase im being bullying by myself too soo im trying hard not tokill my self….DONT DO IT U DERVSE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!!

  17. Congratulations on your grant! I am so so happy to see such an incredible resource get funding. I wish this had been around when I was younger. It doesn’t really get any easier, but you get stronger. Thank you for supporting that <3

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