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  1. love to you, keep up the great work, such an amazing cause! I absolutely adore all the hard work and dedication you are putting into this, it is really paying off!

  2. Great job! A website is definitely the way to do it. You are doing a wonderful thing here. Bullying is not something to be taken lightly, whether it is kids bullying other kids or even adults bullying adults. Awareness is key and you are working hard and succeeding at getting the word out.

  3. Well done Rachel and Erica for putting so much effort into Stand Up Speak Out, i’m so proud of you both and i know for a fact you’re gonna make a HUGE difference. Oh, and good job with the website pancake wifey

  4. Congrats on the website! If you guys dont know but i also have a group on facebook. The more groups you join the more you can help! Agian congrats Rachel and Erica! Together we can ALL stop the epidemic!

  5. Inspiring work and we at Zero Tolerance Australia! Beat The Bullies * Love Your Life support you all 200% :-)) The more of us working together, the bigger the impact so I look forward to watching your great accomplishments in the future :-))

  6. You are doing amazing things – my 17 year old son died via bullycide 2 years ago – this is a pain no other family should ever have to face. Peace and prayers, Lisa Michaels mom

  7. This is a cause that has been waiting to happen for years! The Tyler Clementi case and so many others over the years have been so heartbreaking to read about. No one should have to put up with verbal, physical or any other kind of abuse inflicted by ignorant people that stand in judgement of another. This applies to children and adults. Parents, be aware and stand up for your children. In my experience, the teachers in public school do not address this unless a parent comes forward. Thanks Rachel and Erica for putting this web site together. Such a worthy cause!

  8. Ive been bullied and think its great you’re spreading awareness on beating this problem, thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Great Job on raising awareness!! More people need to be aware of this epidemic and it’s great to see 2 teenagers ready to take a stand and speak up about it!! Keep up the great work and I hope you know that you’re helping other teens out there who need to know they aren’t alone!

  10. Thank you for creating this website! It’s so wonderful to see teenagers raising awareness against bullying. I commend you! Bullying is a soft subject for me. My brother was bullied in middle school and he had to drop out because he was tormented so bad. To this day it affects him in his everyday life to where he can barely go out in public. Thank you once again for helping raise awareness. It is people like you that make this world a better place. 🙂

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