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  1. i like your home page and i think its great what u do. my daughter was bullied for over 2 years in her old school and they did nothing. i want to join all the groups i can for bullying. i got another face book just for bullying. keep up the great work . thank you

  2. I am so glad that I found your site!! my twin daughters have been bullied so bad, my youngest has attempted suicide twice. i pulled them from school at 16 years old..!!! This needs to end and they need to be held accountable for their actions. our children deserve BETTER!!

  3. im so glad to see this daughter is 15 years old and has been bullied since of the girls mother was notified of her daughters actions and failed to take care of it so my 32 year old daughter went to her work place and slapped her.and my daughter was issued two tickets and has to go to court next month.but these girls went as far as going on face book and bullying her threatning to get her on the next day of school did any thing happen to these girls for that no mam it did not.i worry about my daughter she stays in her room most of the there a bullying law here in illinois.ty so much for reaching out to young children who need a shoulder to cry on now and then….

  4. This looks great. I really wish we had this back when I was in school. Of course after meeting the close knit group of friends I had when I was a sophomore the bullying stopped a little. But I had to witness the bullies going after other people and that’s when I stepped in to help out. Keep up the great work here!

  5. This site is wonderful. I often stress to my 11 years old son how important it is for him to come to me/another trusting adult if he is ever bullied. Subsuquentially, he was being bullied by two classmates. He told me and I spoke with their parents which put an abrupt end to their bullying. I’m glad my son made me aware of what was going on due to the fact that these two classmates bullying tactics where beginning to escalate.

  6. Wonderful website you have here. I especially liked that poem on the main page. I would like to copy and paste that into a note on the PhoebePrinceMemorial page if that’s ok. Its remarkable of you to provide a service where young ones can contact you for help. Im glad to be on your page on facebook and to be your friend on Facebook. Thank you:0)

  7. You are doing such an amazing job here! I wish there would have been someone like you back in the day when I struggled endlessly with being bullied and having sucidal thoughts. You are most definitely an Angel who walks among us! You are taking a stand and following your heart. You are a wonderful young lady and a spectacular friend! Thank you for all that you do. You ARE making a difference!

  8. Love the new site and you are doing a terrific job on educating those around you about bullying. Have you thought about contacting The Dr. Phil Show to promote your site? He is a great advocate for this issue and many others. I would bet he would be willing to help you link to many other resources to promote your cause. Can’t hurt to give it a try. I was bullied as a child (a long time ago) and they never did anything about it in schools then. I think adding this sort of learning for all students would make a world of difference today and in the future. God Bless you for having the strength and ability to stand up to and promote this cause. If anyone out there has problems with bullying, I would like to be an advocate on your behalf. I will listen and do what I can to help you resolve and end it. You are not alone, you are beautiful, and deserve to live without painful abuse by anyone, period! Blessings All

  9. You are amazing! I wish I had the clarity of mind and purpose you have now when I was in high school experiencing and witnessing bullying. Keep it up and dont ever be afraid to ask for help. You are such a great example of how to be true to yourself and stand up for what is right.

  10. love your facebook site; I pass on many of your posts. I may be older, but I have children in my life and know they should not have deal with bullying. Glad there are people like you out there making a difference. Keep it up!

  11. i love your site. just wanted to let you know that our youngest daughter started an even on face book about bullying. ” stop bullying around the world” she has over 200 ppl involved and she just got started. she was bullied in school , then she decided that maybe if she bullied maybe she would fit in. find out that she didn’t like it and stopped but in return she is now once again being bullied.

  12. Bullying damages entire lives. More than thirty years later, I am still waking up from vivid dreams of the long term suffering, humiliation, physical and sexual terror that I encountered on a nearly daily basis. I was the butt of jokes constantly, tripped in the halls, spitballs and gum put in my hair and locker, physical assault, reputation maligned, name butchered and sneered at, and sometimes even teachers either joined in or all but high fived kids who came up with a “good one” to my detriment. Much of bullying manages to slide under the radar, because much of the cause of it happens off school property. Gossip, playing head games, toying with people’s emotions, these are things that are next to impossible to “catch” and they are also attitudes that often go unchecked. I am only glad that my experience was before the days of internet bullying. I had enough humiliation to face as it was, but to spread it to the world would have resulted in my suicide. For the most part, for the practical scheme of getting on with my life, I am “over it”, but there is a part of me that is always affected. Forget socially, I just like to be left the hell alone to pursue my own interests and love and be loved by my immediate family (I am married and have children). But for years, I was practically unemployable, barely able to make it to the day to day in any job. I changed my legal name entirely, scrubbing out the sneers and taunts and recreating myself to be the me I wanted to be. Messing with a person during the most formative years of their life, when they are supposed to be building their EDUCATIONAL background is just playing with fire. The repercussions are lifelong. Lives are ruined. Suicides are rampant. This is not just teasing, it’s horror.

  13. Hey i love what your doing! keep up the good work! i was bullied when i was in the 6th grade and lets just say i NEVER WANT TO RELIVE IT!

  14. I just wanna say that your doing a wounderful job & bullying is unacceptable. i was bullied as a child & no one child or an adult should ever have to go thru that. people who bully need to stop & think what if it was them that was being bullied. i have a two & a half year old daughter & i will hope & pray that she is never bullied & will teach her never to become a bully. BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP.

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