Ivy Golob: Ivy's Journey

Ivy Golob is an 8-year-old girl from Michigan. As a member of the Deaf Community and the transgender community, Ivy has made it her mission to bridge her intersecting identities to foster ability inclusion in the trans community and gender identity inclusion in the Deaf Community. Ivy's Journey is one of creating environments where all can thrive through inclusiveness and common respect. Read more ›

Elijah Bruesehoff

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Stronger Than Ever- Andrine Pierresaint

Hey I'm Andrine. I'm only 13 and I have suicidal thoughts and anxiety and I take comfort in writing especially for other people. I'm in a group called books of hope(BOH) if you are a writer in... Read more ›

Anti-Bullying Spoken Word by Shantrice Coleman

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"Stand Up. Speak Out. Stop Bullying."

I had to do a project for my journalism class and I decided to contribute to the stop bullying campaign. I made these three images for my project. Read more ›

Ryan Cassata

Ryan Cassata is a twenty-year-old singer, songwriter, activist, and motivational speaker. His passions, aside from his music includeHe identifies as transgender and uses his experiences as a means of... Read more ›

Chiara Lo Guidice

Her message: "I am a 16-yr-old model from Germany & have been bullied all my life cuz I'm not like other German girls..It became especially bad at my 1st high school where I was bullied by my... Read more ›

Alye Pollack

After her first video went viral, being in Cartoon Network's "Speak Up" documentary. Soon after Alye and her family established their own anti-bullying campaign Words Do Hurt. Check out this... Read more ›

Kaitlyn Thomas

Kaitlyn is an 11 year old singer songwriter from Australia. She has release 3 original songs on ITunes to date, has a fan club of over 13,000 and more that 400,000 people have watched her perform, but... Read more ›

Brick Casey

Today, in addition to his many secular recordings, Brick Casey hopes to use his talents to help bring about positive change in our world. He has collaborated with other big names around the globe and... Read more ›