Clara Dinkin

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Ryan Cassata

Ryan Cassata is a twenty-year-old singer, songwriter, activist, and motivational speaker. His passions, aside from his music includeHe identifies as transgender and uses his experiences as a means of... Read more ›

Kaitlyn Thomas

Kaitlyn is an 11 year old singer songwriter from Australia. She has release 3 original songs on ITunes to date, has a fan club of over 13,000 and more that 400,000 people have watched her perform, but... Read more ›

Brick Casey

Today, in addition to his many secular recordings, Brick Casey hopes to use his talents to help bring about positive change in our world. He has collaborated with other big names around the globe and... Read more ›


MANNN is a group of five young men (Mike, Adam, Nick, Nolan, and Nicky) “trying to change the world”. In a nutshell, they do crazy things, put them on YouTube, and fundraise for some deserving... Read more ›

Ashley Jordan

19-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist Ashley Jordan has been wowing audiences since she first hit the local music scene in 2008. In early Oct., 2011, Ashley released her 2nd full length CD “Liquid... Read more ›

Dalton Letorney

Dalton, now 13 years old, was 12 when he composed the music and co-wrote the lyrics with his younger brother Dylan, age 11. Dalton will be featured along with his anti-bullying song, "Someday", in the... Read more ›

Nicholas Tetreault

I have been bullied my entire life. I have never quite fit in, except for with my fans and music. Though it is sometimes challenging, we must learn to accept everyone for who they are. The world comes together when tragedy strikes; why can't we project that same sense of love and comfort towards one another all the time! Read more ›

Daylen Orlick

"I'm a sixteen year old kid trying to make a difference in the world. ... Read more ›

TJ Lasinski & Shelby Robinson

An anti-bullying/anti-hate awareness song featuring Youtube star Tae Brooks. "[It] is a call to action for kids and even adults to stand together!" - TJ Read more ›