Chris Heidrich

"Love Undefined" and "You're Safe Tonight" were my first two big songs I wrote. They are songs about faith, and sticking to it to stay positive, and protected. To feel warm and wanted, and thinking... Read more ›

Rachel Neeves

The 14 year old says she chose to sing the song "Mean" by Taylor Swift "because it helps stand up against bullying". She says that she "encourage[s] non bullying completely, and this song helps show... Read more ›

Faith Ziegler

15 year old Faith sings her original song "Walking All Over Me" about her experiences with bullying and her refusal to take it any longer. Read more ›

Amanda McCarthy

My song "Sticks and Stones" is about my experiences being bullied, and I want others to know that they are not alone. Read more ›

Hayley Reardon

Here is one girl who has helped raise awareness through her music. Hayley has 2 songs that have become known as anti-bullying anthems. ... Read more ›