Stronger Than Ever- Andrine Pierresaint

Hey I'm Andrine. I'm only 13 and I have suicidal thoughts and anxiety and I take comfort in writing especially for other people. I'm in a group called books of hope(BOH) if you are a writer in... Read more ›

Anti-Bullying Spoken Word by Shantrice Coleman

... Read more ›

Chiara Lo Guidice

Her message: "I am a 16-yr-old model from Germany & have been bullied all my life cuz I'm not like other German girls..It became especially bad at my 1st high school where I was bullied by my... Read more ›

Chris Ritter

"The poem I made, “Have a Heart”, is about bullying and why do kids feel the need to be mean instead of being kind. It is one of those things that perplexes me, because I don’t understand their... Read more ›

Rachel Copans

Stand Up, Speak Out Founder Rachel Copans wrote this as an assignment for an English class in high school, reflecting on an article about the Phoebe Prince case, a girl from South Hadley, MA who... Read more ›