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For Kids: What to do if you’re being bullied.

The first thing you should know about bullying is that it is NEVER your fault! NOBODY deserves to be bullied. They say that you should try to ignore the bullies to deal but honestly, that will not always work. It’s worth a try and if it does help, great! If not, stop forcing yourself to put up with more than you need to! TELL SOMEONE!

If you are being bullied LET AN ADULT KNOW! If the problem is going on at school you can talk to your principal. If you are uncomfortable going straight to him/her you can talk to your teacher or guidance counselor who will talk to the principal for you.

You can also talk to your parents about the situation and they will let someone at the school know. The key is to let an adult know so that the bully can be taken of and disciplined, because you do not deserve to have to deal with it. Do not worry about the bully getting revenge and do not resort to violence or bullying back your self.


If you are struggling with being bullied it is important to understand that you are NOT alone and people DO care. Words can truly hurt and sometimes it does help when you at least don’t have to keep everything to yourself. Just talking about you feelings and what you are going through can be a nice relief. Also, when you talk to someone you have an oppurtunity to get help and advice. offers just this!
A unique things about this organization is that you actually get to talk to other teens, which likely is more comfortable. These teenagers volunteer their time to train to handle difficult situations and assist you and talk to you on chat, message boards and email. Many of the teenagers on this website have also dealt with bullying aswell and can therefore relate to you. Knowing that someone truly does understand from firsthand experience can be a great comfort. Also, they are your living proof that these problem CAN and WILL be overcome.